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What is Urban axe throwing ?

Urban axe throwing is a sport that is similar to darts, you throw a sharp object at a board for points. That is where the similarity ends. Different types of axes can be thrown with the aim of getting 1 or more spins from the axe before it sticks into the target. The most common axe to throw indoors is the hatchet, a smallish axe about 30-40cm long. We also have larger axes like tomahawks.

About Us
About Us

How Axe-a-lot got started

Back in 2018, we were looking for a new hobby to start, something to fill our time, and had a degree of skill that could be improved on over time. We discovered a video on axe throwing and thought that it looked like a fun hobby to try. Our original idea was to set up a place to practice in our back garden but the interest we got from our friends got us thinking…

After a few months of looking, we found our perfect location at Netherton Mill and after a few more months of building, Axe-A-Lot was born and ready to open.

How it’s going…

Since opening, we have expanded our range of throwing equipment to include knives, batarangs (batman style throwing bats) and a lot of different shaped axes. We have also made a variety of targets to test people’s skills. A normal session lasts an hour but you can book for longer if you want. We have also had multiple birthday parties and team building events.

About Us

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